A Brief History

Siwelile Engineering & Projects was established in 2015. The business is 100% Black owned and the business managing members are a team formed by Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI’s). It was established by members with vast experience on different engineering environments. The members are professionals registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa. The members experience covers electrical and automation engineering design; engineering commissioning; quality control and quality assurance on electrical and automation installations; root cause failure analysis (RCFA); reliability centred maintenance; project management; plant maintenance and hazardous locations.

This vast skill flexibility allows our business to service a wide variety of customer base; whether small or big project scopes; we do it as IT IS OUR BUSINESS TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. Siwelile Engineering & Projects is established on a people-centric culture, driven by the central theme of business sustainability of being the best in enhancing value for all of its stakeholders.


To provide a professional engineering service that enables our clients sustainable operations by delivering successful project engineering, execution and commissioning.


Being our clients’ most valuable engineering and commissioning contractor. We shall achieve this by always providing solutions for our clients. We maintain integrity and objectivity in our dealings with clients.


Siwelile Engineering & Projects is committed to the following core values:

Excellence in all we do

Memberships & Affiliations

As a business that strives to push to enter into new frontiers on improving the way we work with regards to, working safely, effectively and efficiently. It is crucial that we always take proactive steps to increasing the output of our services by; (1) always looking for ways of exploiting emerging technologies to enhance current practices and to ensure continuing fittness for purpose of engineered products and services, (2) by developing the capabilities of staff to meet the demands of changing technical and managerial requirements.

This is why Siwelile Engineering & Projects affiliates with the below industry benchmark professional bodies, to ensure our consistence and sustainable competences edge in areas of our business specialties and future intended endeavours.

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